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Hello, Gardeners--

Thank you for checking out our website!  

We hope our garden saucer plant riser will accommodate your gardening needs. 

The square elevator saucer is available for purchase only in the U.S. 48 contiguous states.

Please measure the base of your pot(s)--and, also, your grow space, if necessary, prior to ordering to determine if our plastic pot saucer is an appropriately sized drain tray for you.

(See product dimensions and specs on home page for all measurements.)  

Our 10"and 13" 100% recycled plastic plant saucers are designed for 2--5-gallon pots.

In addition, our 13" units can also fit some much larger gardening pots depending upon the diameter of their base. 

Much appreciation for your time and consideration. 



Happy gardening!





Rick Jones | owner | square farmer